At Home: A virtual exhibition

Curators: Raya Bruckenthal and Einat Arif-Galanti

We live in strange times. We are constantly questioning the boundaries of our physical location and surroundings. Social media and communication apps have reinstated the meaning of being home. It is no longer the shelter it used to be.

Things hover in the air from place to place, and depend, widely, on WiFi. We maneuver through each other’s real life materials. Laundry, food and accumulating dust, expose the backdrop of our private life we had no intention of sharing. We peek through screens at fragments of houses we will never visit while wearing beautiful blouses paired with slippers to “attend” social events on Zoom or live streaming.

We are being tracked, seen, possibly exposed to the virus. We follow others, become familiar with the route taken by the sick woman who made her way from the bakery to the supermarket, and wonder what kind of person she really is.

The borderlines of our space have become very clear, yet paradoxically blurred as well. We are unable to visit “red” countries yet can visit them virtually through a camera lens.

What is happening to us artists? How many times can one say that things are very strange? How many times a day do we hear the word “Covid”? And what happens to she who stares at the same crack in the wall day after day after day?

In this exhibition we question the meaning of making art from within life’s endless tasks, as well as examine the act of motionless wanderings within our new fractured reality, concrete limits, and amorphous walls.

About the curators:

(b. 1975, Jerusalem). Lives and works in Jerusalem. Photographer and video artist.

(b. 1975, Tel Aviv). Lives and works in Jerusalem. Multidisciplinary visual artist.

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