Your donation will provide support for our not-for-profit organization which believes in genuine partnership and the importance of providing a proper arena for women making art. The Studio implements its various programs in association with and with the support of institutional and foundational support created over the years.
Studio of her own was supported by funds from the American embassy in Israel during 2022-2023.

Studio of Her Own is supported by the Jerusalem Municipality’s Culture Department, while at the same time we would like to have some more new partners on our journey.

Your donation can be earmarked for a specific purpose, such as:

* Artist residency program: hosting for a woman artist with her baby/child.
* Scholarship for a research student conducting academic research on women’s art
* Multicultural project on coexistence (for ultraorthodox, Arab, and religious women artists), helping to support exhibitions and residency programs
* Administrative, programming, and maintenance costs
* Specific cultural events featuring poetry, dance, and theatre

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