The Residency Program

Artist in residence at the Litvinovsky Painter’s House-Studio of Her Own, Jerusalem

Studio of Her Own invites creative artists from a variety of spheres (visual arts, design, architecture, film, dance, music) to apply for the Artist’s Residency program at Beit Litvinovsky, Jerusalem.

Studio of Her Own was founded in 2010 as a platform for the promotion of young religious women artists in Jerusalem, and operated from a gallery/bomb shelter in the Katamonim neighborhood. Since its establishment, the studio has been encouraging the introduction of a new, unique, and high-quality voice into the contemporary art scene in Israel, and is working to bring various different population sectors in Jerusalem closer to each other. In this way, Studio of Her Own is becoming a multicultural crossroads for various religious and ethnic communities and acting as a wonderful platform for art activities. The Studio has been operating in ultraorthodox and Arab neighborhoods becoming a bridge to create dialogue and connection through art between creative women in the public space, through multicultural projects as an agency of social change among the participants.

Artist in residence program for women:

For all types of women artists, including mothers with children. The program goal is to enable women artists to be in residence at the center and be inspired to create art even while raising their children. We would like to connect guest Israeli women artists and international artists with Jerusalem women artists for an exchange of ideas, working and learning together.

Studio of Her Own provides the following for resident artists:

  • Accommodation in a private room
  • Workspace
  • Kitchenette
  • Length of stay: Two weeks to one month.

Please send the Residency Proposal at a PDF to

The PDF should be no longer than one page and include the following:

  • A short project description and the work plan for the residency
  • No need to commit to a particular outcome, just describe why you need this time at the residency
  • Length of time preferred (two or four weeks) and preferred time of year to be in Jerusalem
  • Lecture or session you agree facilitate for members of Studio of Her Own and local women as part of your stay as artist in residence
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Portfolio including samples of previous artworks/performances

The Residency Program in Studio of Her Own


The Paired Residency Program that took place during 2019 was the framework for two artists working together: the first paired photographers Noga Greenberg and Amira Zian, while the second artist pair was Miri Nagar and Hala Abu Kishek. The collaborative project resulted in an exhibition by the four artists in the new exhibition venue in the Litvinovsky Painter’s House Women’s Art Center.

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